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Mug - Sum Gradient - Smooth - set of 4
Mug - Sum Gradient - Smooth - set of 4
Mug - Sum Gradient - Smooth - set of 4
Mug - Sum Gradient - Smooth - set of 4
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Mug - Sum Gradient - Smooth - set of 4

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De Intuitiefabriek

Size (h x w)

 7.5  x 8.5 cm or  3 x 3.35 in





Actual colors may vary slightly from images due to computer settings and/or the unique nature of our products.

Brighten up your kitchen with these colorful blue or grey mugs. The SUM GRADIENT set of mugs is perfect for adding a pop of color to your cupboard and a touch of elegance to your morning cup of coffee.

Each minimalist mug is handmade by DE INTUITIEFABRIEK craftsman who are skilled in the art of slipcasting. The different finishing techniques of the inner and outer parts of the mug create a truly unique and gorgeous product.

These DE INTUITIEFABRIEK mugs come in a set of four in either blue or grey. They feature a smooth glazed finish on the inside with a raw matte finish on the outside.

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