Reusable bag JUMBO
Reusable bag JUMBO
Reusable bag JUMBO
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Reusable bag JUMBO

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NAY to plastic bags!

Dedicated to supporting the ban of single-use plastic bags. Our support of this movement is so strong that we are decreasing our profit margin to a bare minimal to make our High Quality reusable bag more affordable. Please join us in revolutionizing this industry so that we can positively impact the environment for generations to come. Reusable bags shouldn’t be of low quality or boring; they can be fashionable and long lasting with years of reuse like our bag. Your support is valuable to us. Thank you.


·        High quality made and stylish.

·        Multi-performer: grocery, shopping, travel, work, beach, picnic, book, knitting project, etc.

·        Ergonomic shoulder strap with binding for comfy shoulder.

·        55 lbs capacity.

·        High quality materials and workmanship.

·        Machine washable and tumble dry low.

·        Folds into a small roll with a built-in elastic for compact and easy storage.

·        Jumbo size 20"W x 28"H.

·        Light but strong enough for many years of reuse.

·        20% of its profit go to help the Cambodian genocide survivors.

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